The line between history and myth is wonderfully malleable.

I explore my ideas and themes obsessively; my process is one of repetition and restriction that combines chance and memory. Painting has been a continuing quest: one that is both self-reflexive and visceral, I re-draw and paint things continuously. My work expresses my ignorance of the cause and provides an experience that is more than just voyeuristic. I think of art as a memory, my work is never finished, only permanently abandoned and the relationship of doubt to belief, raises issues that are central to my painting.

To me the physical act of creation evokes ancient archetypes, totems, and mythical rites that create a calculated catharsis that challenges my audience to see beauty in the simplest of things. Existentialist questions about how and whether life has meaning, and why we exist are prevalent. Ultimately, I want to arouse my audience by the means of a sensual intensity that brings them an understanding of their own existence.

“The intellectual woman knows she is offering herself, she knows she is a consciousness, a subject; one cannot wilfully kill one’s gaze and change one’s eyes into empty pools”

Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex